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名称:Vacuum suction system
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Ideal for:

Designed for laboratory waste liquid recovery and solid-liquid separation

Can be widely used in cell culture, DNA extraction, microplate waste removal, and any other liquid separation or recovery.

CE certification and unique serial number for tracking


Vacuum rate can be set to different levels to achieve
1 ml / s to 15 ml / s suction speed (liquid 1-17 ml / s)
Sensitive level sensor to prevent liquid from overflowing during operation
Autoclavable waste collection bottles, pipes and handles.
Lid, tube and handle are easy to remove,
Cleans and autoclaves multiple adapters for tubes, microplates, and trays for a variety of tasks
Interchangeable manual operator-Tip adapter makes it suitable for a variety of specifications from single channel to 8 channels,

based on tube, microplate, disc plate, etc. Includes 0.45μm, Ø6mm hydrophobic filters
Pump noise is less than 65 dB (A)
CE certification and unique serial number for tracking